ICT – Digital Learning

New Zealand is a digital nation. Digital technologies are going to be an integral part of our society and economy in years to come. Here at Sunnyvale, we understand that we have a role in helping prepare our students to participate, create and thrive in this fast-moving digital world.

Sunnyvale School is able to offer its students great opportunities to be confident users of digital technology.  All students at our school have access to digital technologies to support and enhance their learning. All devices are provided by the school so that the students do not need to bring devices from home. These devices are used as one of many tools to enhance learning in all curriculum areas including literacy and numeracy. However, students are able to learn about digital technologies without using digital devices (unplugged coding).

In Years 0-2 our students use iPads

In Year 3-6 our students use Chromebooks (1 Chromebook per 1-2 students)

Every student in Year 3-6 has their own school Google for Education account where they can create and store their learning and access it anywhere, at anytime.

All parents and students are required to sign a user agreement before ICT use in the class

Students  learn to manage their actions online and their interactions safely and sensibly. They use a range of digital tools to create, problem solve and collaborate. Students develop their digital fluency, deciding when to use specific technologies for different tasks, and explaining why they chose those tools. For example, students may collaborate using a Google document to share ideas with a group or they could create a video to explain and share a new maths strategy. Digital technology is incorporated into learning across all curriculum areas.

In 2019 our school is examining how we equip our students to participate, create, and thrive in this fast-evolving digital world. Digital Technologies is about teaching our students how technology works, and how they can use that knowledge to solve problems. The Ministry of Education is supporting all schools in NZ to begin implementing the new Digital Technologies curriculum. Sunnyvale School is excited about this journey of learning as we realise the importance of teaching our students about computer science principles that all digital technologies are built on.  We believe our students will benefit from having these future thinking skills.

So what are Digital technologies? They can help us to work together, solve problems and communicate with others. More and more people need digital technology skills to succeed, whether we want to make robots, be a politician, or a farmer!

Here are some examples of how digital technologies can be used:

  • farmers use drones to find out where their crops need watering
  • engineers use satellite maps to help them plan where to build their structures
  • fire-fighters use heat-sensing equipment to find out where the fire is hottest so that they can put it out faster
  • Team NZ’s shore crew made equipment for the sailors to use to make the best tactical decisions, sail the fastest, and win the America’s Cup.

 Here is a link to what the Ministry of Education say about digital technologies https://parents.education.govt.nz/primary-school/learning-at-school/digital-technologies-and-hangarau-matihiko-curriculum-content/

All classrooms will be using seesaw to share their learning with you at home. Ask your child’s teacher for the log in information if you haven’t received it. Here is a video explaining what seesaw is all about. https://youtu.be/pzlrtDR84KY