Language, Culture and Identity

At Sunnyvale Primary School we pride ourselves on providing culturally responsive and inclusive education practice. We are committed to ensuring all students feel a sense of belonging and are able to take part in all aspects of school life. Knowing each learner and respecting their unique whakapapa places your child, your culture and your hopes and aspirations for their future at the heart of our practice at Sunnyvale.

We celebrate our diversity through weekly Whānaungatanga Fridays. Each Friday afternoon every student and staff member engage in cultural group time. These groups include; Samoan, Tongan, Bollywood, Kapa Haka, Sign Language and Celtic cultures. We welcome parents and whānau to join in. Whole school assemblies follow on Friday afternoons. 

We plan for and celebrate each culture during the various language weeks with whole school events and activities. 

Te Reo Māori me ona Tikanga is included in teaching and learning across the school each week.

We have two bilingual classes at Sunnyvale. These classes are from 1-6.

Samoan class Room 10

Kaupapa Māori Class Room 9